HR Trends to Dominate 2021

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Year 2020 had an indelible impact on the way we live and work. It upended the traditional dynamics and priorities of workplaces.

As a result, ‘Work From Home’ became the only option for companies to keep on with their operations, along with ensuring the safety of workforce.

Earlier, adapting to this sudden transformation in working pattern and processes became a hard nut to crack – for both managers and the employees.

But considering it as a long-term solution, technology gave a much-needed leg-up to execute it easily and effectively.

This technological advancement in HR management is committed to establish an organized workflow, giving the organizations a new ray of hope for the upcoming year.

Companies have braced themselves for this year, which is likely to pave the way for return of complete normalcy.

Through this blog, we’re going to highlight the trends that are speculated to be dominant in 2021 and are expected to redefine the HR sector.

The technology in shape of a human resource management system, or simply an HRMS, will play a key role in addressing the challenges of industries struggling with new normal of working remotely from home.

Home turned into office

Despite receiving positive updates on the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s still a long way to go for everyone’s immunization. Adding to the chaos, the new strains of the coronavirus have already threatened the world.

But unlike 2020, corporate firms are better prepared to tackle any such situation. With an HRMS software, companies now have a better and more effective plan to manage multiple working shifts and execute work from home too.

A recent survey revealed that an average Indian is saving almost 2 hours of commute time daily, while working from home.

Another survey carried out by Lenovo states that 43% of their respondents felt that employers should invest more in tech training programs to boost work from home in future.

Thus, the upcoming scenario too necessitates extended teleworking for the industries, making it a prolonged or permanent solution for some of them.

Redesigned hiring processes

Now forget the long queues at receptions and day-long hectic, scheduled interview rounds. This new year will witness automated recruitments and the talent hunt based on data and analytics.

The use of technology will not only elevate the experience of managers but will also help them bring only the best-suited candidates on board.

A modern HRMS software holds the capabilities to carry out virtual processes and enable data storage and segregation.

So, this new-age approach of expanding your talent pool is surely going to be a substantial HR element in 2021.

Remote or contactless employee onboarding

The onboarding or orientation process used to be long, tedious, and a forgettable experience for the employees, especially in the pre-COVID era.

But since the pandemic has changed the things, enforcing minimum or no real-life interactions, online process becomes a key element for the future.

Thus, in order to give seamless experience to newly-appointed employees, HR managers will be required to draft new and virtual ways of onboarding, team-building and socialization.

Again, the HRMS remains the only solution to execute this trend that will make waves in2021.

Upskill your staff and HR team

The changed scenarios and processes of the organization call for upgraded skillset to be interpreted and understood.

Thus, instead of searching new talent, upgrading your current workforce through online training programs is a preferred option for many organizations.

This is applicable to the HR team also,as it has now become vital for the organizations to take decisions based on data and analytics.

Adding to this, digital integrations offered by modern tools for HR management enhance HR efficiencies and save cost & time.

Upskilling in these above-mentioned areas will create a workspace ready for the future. Hence, this point makes into the list of dominating trends of 2021.

Employee monitoring

The past decade empowered HR managers and employers to track and control employees’ actions, using modern HR management software.

But soon employees interpreted it as an attack on their freedom and resulting to this, workers started raising their voice against these stringent monitoring rules.

Thus in 2021, new regulations are expected to be drafted that will deal with the limits over employers’ monitoring and interference, making it an important HR trend of 2021.

An efficient HR management software will be required to mould these existing policies.

Result-oriented work shifts

While employees were forced to work remotely during the emergency of COVID 19, efficiency and service-time became the major concerns for employers and HR managers, who devised new ways to counter this new trend.

Continuing it in 2021, employee performance will be based upon the results they produce, instead of when and where they work.

Thus, tools such as employee task-sheets or daily worksheets will help maintaining the transparency between employees and employers.

Employee wellbeing

COVID-19 has had severe effects on overall wellbeing of the employees. A long period of working remotely from a location that’s far away from the office has made many employees jittery.

While working from home can have its own benefits, employees tend to feel disconnected and isolated while working away from the team environment.

Ensuring employee wellbeing will be a crucial trend of 2021, as the HR managers will be required to help employees proactively deal with their anxieties.
They will have a task at hand, as ensuring employee’s mental & physical wellbeing shall be expected of them in 2021.

Hybrid experience

With ‘the complete return to normalcy’ still being a distant dream, the workforce in most organizations shall continue to remain split between office and home in 2021 too.

This will compel the organizations to offer a hybrid experience to their employees, with some continuing to work remotely while the other working from office.

With the help of an HRMS software, managing this will become easier, as the HR managers will get to execute many processes digitally — right from recruiting to onboarding, from performance monitoring to appraisals, and grievance handling to talent management — thus offering a consistent experience to the “hybrid” workforce.


Here, we wrap-up the list of key HR trends predicted to be dominant in 2021. The upcoming future brings a wide scope of possibilities and new hopes.

For organizations, the most important asset would be their people. Thus, managing them effectively with novel techniques becomes a complex task for HR managers.

Moreover, in all the above-mentioned trends, we’ve observed that HR management software is a must-have for the companies.

One such solution is BatchMaster HeRd, which not only helps management analyze these trends, but also empowers managers to plan their strategies accordingly.

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