Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals motivate employees and asses their progress, which is vital for organizational growth.
The performance appraisal module of the TecWork HRMS streamlines the evaluation process by facilitating goal setting, feedback exchange, and formal assessments. It enables managers to track employee achievements, identify strengths, and address areas for improvement effectively. By centralizing performance data and providing actionable insights, this module contributes to enhancing employee development and aligning individual contributions with organizational objectives.

Enhanced Configuration

Define and manage parameters, skills, ratings, and appraisal-related questions tailored to each employee’s unique evaluation process.

Seamless Initialization

HR managers or management can kick start the appraisal process by assigning tasks to managers.

Self-Appraisal & Manager Appraisal

Employees can engage in self-assessment, evaluate themselves based on predefined parameters, and access their appraisal history for comprehensive insight and growth. Whereas the managers can select employees from their pre-defined business unit & department and appraise them for their performance during a specific period by selecting the appraisal mode.

Corrective Actions

The comments from managers and employees are stored in the HRMS database. Over the time, the HR manager monitors performance to ensure that corrective actions are taken.


Employees can also provide feedback about their managers and formulate questions to evaluate managers’ performance and optimize productivity.

Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS' Performance Appraisal module:

Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS Performance Appraisal module:

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