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Employees often undertake frequent business trips, involving expenses like fuel, meals, accommodations, and transportation. Tracking and reimbursing these costs is important for operational smoothness and financial clarity. Neglecting this process could lead to fraudulent claims and financial losses. TecWork HRMS offers an expense management module that allows electronic submission of receipts, expense submission, approval, and execution of reimbursement processes adhering
 company policies and real-time tracking. It offers predefined categories for expense types, real-time claim tracking, and swift resolution of accounting inquiries, enhancing efficiency and transparency.


Admins can pre-configure expense categories and define various payment modes. They can also set upper limits for expenses based on employee hierarchies.

Approval Hierarchy

Admins have the flexibility to establish a clear approval hierarchy, easing the multi-level approvals. Moreover managers can even efficiently monitor expenses within their teams.


Employees can receive advances for trips or specific events, providing financial support in advance of their expenditures.


Employees can upload the receipts as supporting documents when submitting expense claims. Meanwhile, managers have the option to download these receipts to verify their authenticity and adherence to spending.


Employees traveling frequently can organize their expenses into individual trips, ensuring efficient management of expenses related to each trip.


Generate reports and analyze them to monitor total expenditure across expense categories and departments, optimizing budget planning for the next financial period.

Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Expense Management module:

Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Expense Management module:

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