Other Modules

Streamline Your Organizational Working

Along with the prominent ones, TecWork HRMS offers a range of supplementary features, including asset tracking, assigning assets to employees, incident management, expense tracking, managing logs and much more. It also simplifies the task of asset categorization and associating asset details with its respective item.

Asset Maintenance

Keep track of your organizational assets such as laptops, phones, etc., and easily manage the process of assigning them to employees with added details such as invoice number, warranty status, vendor details, etc.

Issue Resolution

Adopt a streamlined approach to execute the disciplinary incident management process seamlessly. You can also raise disciplinary incidents against employees, allowing them to appeal with their statement, and take appropriate action if the respective employee is found guilty.

Time & Logs

Employees can maintain their daily timesheets; managers can create and assign tasks to their team members and evaluate progress against set deadlines. Moreover, admin can monitor app activity and track daily user logins.


Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Other Modules:


Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Other Modules:

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