With this management software, HR managers can efficiently monitor and manage various aspects of the company, including its structure, departments, policies, announcements, and policy documents. They can create industry-specific templates, reports, and compliance documents. Employees can even access this platform to learn more about the organization’s structure and policies.

Add Departments/Business Units

Create multiple business units, departments, and locations as per your requirements. You can also store, manage, and access organization related information including structure and hierarchy.

Announcements & Policy Documents

Share every organizational announcement and allow your employees to access it easily. Also, through this HR management software, you can oversee documents related to employees and organizational processes easily.

Organization Structure/Hierarchy

Ensure transparency by allowing users to gain insights into the organizational layout and hierarchy based on departments, business units, and employee roles.  


Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Organization module:

Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Organization module:

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