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Handle Employee Requests Effortlessly!

Service requests are necessary to ensure operational effectiveness, optimize workforce management, and quickly respond to employee needs. They facilitate the timely resolution of HR-related issues, such as payroll inquiries, leave requests, or training needs. TecWork HRMS efficiently manages this by automating request generation and fulfilment. This module creates distinct electronic forms for varied requests and implements a hierarchical approval system. It expedites redirection and approvals by sending automated alerts to relevant managers or approvers.


This HR helpdesk system helps define and maintain categories and types of service requests. It also manages service requests for different individuals, particular business units, or departments.


Management can pre-define the executors, viewers, and approvers. Once the user raises the service request, all three get an email notification. The executor can either close the request or request approval from the management or the user’s manager, in offline mode.


Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS' Service Request module:


Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS Service Request module:

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