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Payroll Management software to solve all your payroll woes

A complete package for Payroll Management

Equipped with latest features, the unique software HRMS helps HR managers effortlessly deal with critical payroll issues, settle payments, and manage financial documents.

What HRMS payroll management has in store?

From salaries to taxes and allowances to funds, HRMS payroll software aims at curtailing the complexities in payroll-related activities. Moreover, the system is designed to organize payroll structure, and offer numerous business benefits –

Quick payroll reconciliation

Replacing the manual computation, the system automates hectic processes like salary calculation and processing. It not only boosts the organizational efficiency, but also narrows the scope of errors.

Cost effective

Offering both web and cloud-based access, HRMS payroll software is available with the most affordable plans. Hence, the best-in-class payroll services can be availed at a pocket-friendly price.

Dedicated solution

Particularly designed to streamline payroll management and offer an automated platform to address payroll-related issues.

Why choose TecWork HRMS over others?

TecWork technological innovations have always made businesses simpler. With wide range of effective tools, HRMS payroll software promotes hassle-free payment processing, simplified taxation and easy integration with other HR modules –

Payroll Processing


Payroll template

Customized payroll templates can be used to display and manage organization’s key financial indices like deductions, salaries, reimbursements, etc. as per your requirements.


Taxation, the most critical part, is made easy-to-understand and perform. The software keeps the account of individual’s deductions – whether taxable or non-taxable and fixed or variable. Certifying Form 16 for TDS can also be easily done.


Data of justified reimbursements can be easily stored and updated, where the user must declare whether the mentioned reimbursement is taxable or not.

Calculating bonus, increments and gratuity

Particularly designed to streamline payroll management and offer an automated platform to address payroll-related issues.

Import Employees & Payroll Sheets

Employee data

Forget stressful management of huge pile of paperwork, as the digital database keeps the entire employee details at your fingertips. Now keep a 360-degree view of your taskforce and make changes in just a wink.

Quick data transfer

Why spend hours for employees’ data feed-in, when you can accomplish it in just few clicks? HRMS allows managers to import the employee information from any external data sheets, and enables them to view, check or edit anytime.

Importing payroll details:

Alike employee data, importing payroll information and cycle is easier than ever with HRMS. Now managers can transfer the whole system without jumbling the previous records or existing payroll calculations.

Manage Organizational Compliance


ESIC deductions

Auto deductions for ESIC can be easily made through HRMS payroll software. It helps generating the challans for entire workforce, ensuring timely deduction, and avail ESIC benefits.

PF processing

PF calculation, deduction and deposit are complex processes. Now make them easier with the integrated and managed data.

PT filling

Make this cumbersome process convenient with TecWork HRMS. It enables HR manager to make calculation and filling of employees’ professional tax easier than ever.

Manage Payout Sheets

Pay-slip distribution

By establishing automated payroll setup, TecWork HRMS offers auto-generation of employees’ pay-slips and can be provided to employees whenever required.

Advance salary

Releasing and storing the data of advance payouts has become effortless with HRMS. Keep a detailed log of advance salaries distributed to needy employees and assess it anytime.


Salary Configuration


Salary Settings

Defining the CTC approver, selecting whether it is biometric or import sheet, importingaccount & CTC details sheet, etc. made easier.

Salary Approval

Salary can go for approval once it has been processed.The HR manager can also see salary approval list, which gets displayed.

Advance Salary

Give advance salary to any employee and manage repayment as well, just like that.

CTC Approval & History

The HR managers can access the list of employees along with CTC details. They can also view the CTC history of any employee.

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