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In today’s dynamic workplace environment, efficient management of human resources is directly proportional to organizational success. TecWork HRMS provides a centralized platform to perform all HR-related tasks, ensuring seamless operations and employee satisfaction. It enables employees to seamlessly manage holidays, leaves, and compensatory leaves, while HR Managers can efficiently manage shift timings, user access control, biometric integration, and attendance. It also simplifies the exit process and facilitates full and final settlements.

Roles & Privileges

Define job role names, types, and descriptions, and allocate them to the employees and put them in appropriate groups based on their roles for efficient organization and task delegation.

Holiday Management

Helps define & manage holidays, and restricted holidays, and assign them to the holiday groups. It also helps in defining shifts & schedules and assigning holidays accordingly.

Leave Management

Employees can access features such as leave transfers, credit/debit/encashment, company tours, compensatory offs, import leave functionalities, and create formulas for leave accrual policies.

Exit Procedure

Customize exit types, create exit interview questions, and manage the exit process for employees smoothly.


Declaration List

Employees can declare taxes using predefined formats and supporting documents, with managers having the authority to approve or reject declarations.

Full & Final Settlement (F & F)

TecWork HRMS’s HR module helps calculate final payments, including salary, bonus, LTA, gratuity, and leave encashment. It also determines pending recoverables, such as loans or advances (if any.), for employees leaving the organization.

Document Management

Organizations can streamline their document processes by creating, organizing, capturing, and approving documents digitally.

Biometric Integration

This human resource management software serves as a modern attendance management solution, seamlessly recording time and attendance data through easy biometric integration, thereby saving HR’s valuable time.

Shift Schedule

Configure shifts based on type, define timings, and manage shift information including name, type, start, and end times, facilitating efficient management of employee shifts.          

User Access Control

Manage permissions & rights to protect data from unauthorized access, using user access control.

Employee Master

Maintain the basic employee details along with bank details, customized CTC, assigned policies, etc. Add employees individually or in bulk by using the import option.

Attendance Benefits

Employees can do tasks such as view daily attendance, use compensatory-offs, and get their attendance rectified, whereas employers can change attendance status, manage shift-based attendance, and even store attendance policies here.


Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Human Resource Module:

Experience the advantages of TecWork HRMS’ Human Resource Module:

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