Fleet Tracking
& Management System

Conquer Fleet Management, Tracking and Monitoring Challenges Through This AI & IOT -Based Solution

About FleetPro

Our flagship product Basecamp FleetPro is a next-generation telematics system that manages, controls, and secures fleets of any kinds. It is a AIS140 GPS-enabled app that can track fleets' locations, monitor drivers' behaviour in real-time, send service & maintenance reminders and help businesses manage fleets- irrespective of their size and number.

Fleet Management System for All Types of Industries


Fleet Management for Milk Tankers

Milk Distribution Made Milky-Smooth!..


Fleet Management for Water Tankers

Leak-Proof Management of Water Tanker Fleets

Fleet Management for Transportation Vehicles

Take Charge of Your Vehicles on the road with ease

Fleet Management for Road Construction Vehicles

“Smooth Roads Ahead”- for Road Construction Fleets

Fleet Management for Waste Management

Empowering Swachh-Bharat Mission, Digitally & Responsibly

Fleet Management for Emergency Services

Live Up to Your Vision of Becoming “First Responders"

Fleet Management for Oil & Gas Industry

Fuelling Success by maximizing efficiency of oil & gas fleets

Fleet Management for Mining Industry

Mining Fleet Excellence by Ensuring Efficiency Onsite & Precision in Motion

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Our wall of Fame

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